95 Node js interview questions and answers

The two-phase commit technique ensures that either all of the databases are updated, or none of them are updated. Robert is a highly motivated professional with enterprise-level experience. With a combination of excellent communication skills and a laser-like focus, Robert is capable of moving big ideas from design stage to implementation. As a full-stack developer, Robert utilizes a wide breadth of skills and knowledge to tackle the specific problem at hand.

node js full stack developer interview questions

Ans – The process of improving the performance of the CPU is known as Multi-Threading. Usually, it is seen as the ability of a program to be managed by multiple users at a single time. We are going to discuss the top 50 full stack developer important questions that are most commonly asked in interviews. But before directly jumping to the interview questions, we shall have a brief introduction of a Full Stack Developer. Questions are asked during the interview process to allow the interviewer to determine the candidate’s ability level.

Q47. What are the two phases committed in the database? Explain

The observer proofreads and corrects the whole code for better results. The observer or navigator also decides the coding direction and the entire project. There are multiple programming languages that developers use today. Therefore, there is not one single language that the developer should be very proficient in. The programmer should be well-versed in multiple programming languages. For example, you need to know more about Python, Ruby, PHP and C++ etc.

  • Within a web browser such as Chrome, declaring the variable i outside of any function’s scope makes it global and therefore binds it as a property of the window object.
  • Inheritance and composition allow the reuse of code but in different ways.
  • But before jumping into the topic, we will briefly introduce a full-stack developer.
  • At we hire the best developers in Eastern Europe countries.
  • For example, the rise of multiple programming libraries like ReactJS and VueJS.

Multithreading is the process by which multiple threads are executed in a process. A thread is the independent part of a process or unit, and multiple threads are integrated for the success of the process. Multithreading helps the application in taking up multitasking in processes. Long polling is a web development technique used to push information or data from the servers toward clients quickly.

What is Callback Hell?

The purpose of the two platforms is the same, as they aim at transferring data over the internet. Rest is an architectural designer of the APIs that use GraphQL. Evaluates the candidate’s knowledge and experience in designing user-friendly interfaces, as well as their ability to predict end-user needs. Highlights the candidate’s experience in documenting Node.js processes and their ability to apply best practices in recordkeeping.

In my opinion, most would find AMD syntax to be quite dull and CommonJS is closer to the style you would write import statements in other languages. Most of the time, I find AMD unnecessary, because if you served all your JavaScript into one concatenated bundle file, you wouldn’t benefit from the async loading properties. A lot of features that most of the developers might be used to are absent. It is done by the execution of multiple processes that are supported by the operating system. There are many things to consider when interviewing for any role, but the most important thing is understanding what skillset you are hoping to invest in.

An index contains a field value and a pointer to a specific record. Indexing speeds up the search in the database because it tells the app which field to look up, and the SQL engine doesn’t have to look through each and every row. First you need to import core module using require() function.

As a Full-stack developer, list down your favorite technologies that you like to leverage and tell us why they are your favorites. However, these approaches are pretty dated at this point. The current solution is to use async/await—an approach that leverages Promises and finally makes it easy to flatten the so-called “pyramid of doom” shown above. Additionally, a more supercharged solution to callback hell was provided by generators, as these can resolve execution dependency between different callbacks. However, generators are much more advanced and it might be overkill to use them for this purpose.

Creating The Context Of The Interview

Sensor innovation informs users about issues (e.g., water leaks) at both industrial and residential sites based on the influence of weather on sensor data. FirstHomeCoach guides UK users through a complex property-buying process and connects them with trusted advisors to handle all the legalese. To make this project a reality, we selected a tech stack (React, Node.js, Redux, TypeScript, Postgres, and WordPress) and provided developers accordingly. That’s why FirstHomeCoach is now a robust app with a security-driven architecture. Relevant is a development company that gathers the best software engineers.

Below is a sample full-stack React developer job description that you can customize according to your needs. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that you, like the biggest players, can achieve high performance and scalability by combining React.js and Node.js. But first, you’ll need to hire a full-stack developer with in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts who knows the art and science of building user-friendly apps. When an error circumstance occurs, a two-phase commit is a feature of transaction processing systems that allows databases to restore to their pre-transaction state.

Full-stack developer interview questions and answers

By handling multiple asynchronous functions, it can turn our code into something complex and not readable – and that’s an answer you may expect from most candidates. At we hire the best developers in Eastern Europe countries. I wanted to share with you our NodeJS/Fullstack node js full stack developer job interview questions. Node.js is a super popular server-side platform that more and more organizations are using. If you are preparing for a career change and have an upcoming job interview, it’s always a good idea to prepare and brush up on your interview skills beforehand.

With Additional Funding, Deno Sets out to Challenge Node.js –

With Additional Funding, Deno Sets out to Challenge Node.js.

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Each file is treated as a module and it can export variables and functions by attaching them to themodule.exportsobject. Ans – Pair Programming is one of the core elements of extreme programming in which two developers are required to work on the same terminal. I’m glad that with ES2015 modules, that have support for both synchronous and asynchronous loading, we can finally just stick to one approach. Although it hasn’t been fully rolled out in browsers and in Node, we can always use transpilers to convert our code. Typically, this type of developer comes from a start-up environment where extensive knowledge of all aspects of web development is critical to the survival of the company. Get the inside track on what to expect in your next tech interview.

Network Data Transfer Basics

CD ensures the automated delivery of code if any changes are made in the code. In functional programming, referential programming is the differentiating factor of the code run in the infrastructure. The code is referentially transparent when it can be replaced or substituted with the corresponding values that it computes. The computation should be without altering the base result. The few full-stack developer tools you should look at for different capabilities include TypeScript, Codepen and GitHub.

node js full stack developer interview questions

CI/CD is a best practice to develop applications in which code changes more frequently and rapidly. It is widely used in DevOps and also an agile methodology. APIs that conform to the design framework of REST is Restful APIs. Restful APIs are used to create requests and access information from various sources. REST API maps data from a cloud platform to other page sources. Customers and companies are looking for a way to create quick-load applications.

The preferred way is to add another layer between your application and the Node.js process which is called the domain. Mocks and stubs are objects used in testing looking and behaving like actual production test objects, but they’re more simplified. Stubs are objects holding predefined data and using it to answer calls during tests. Mocks are objects registering calls they receive to verify that all expected actions are performed. The answer on what child_process can be used for will differ from the candidate’s experience.

Security Basics

While with callbacks, different libraries organized their work in their own way, promises standardized the interface. Over time, this paved the way for the async/await implementation. Monolithic architecture is easier to work with as it’s linear and more fixed than microservices architecture. At the same time, monolithic components are tightly coupled, which complicates scalability, management, and continuous deployment. Cluser.fork is implemented on top of child_process.fork.

An API for a site is the code that permits two programming projects to speak with one another. It permits us to compose mentioning administrations from a working framework or other application. Docker can encapsulate legacy applications, allowing them to be deployed to servers that would otherwise not be easy to configure with older software packages and versions. Ans – Long Polling is a pattern in web development that is used to improve pushing data from the server to the client. The WASI class implements the WASI system called API and extra convenience methods for interacting with WASI-based applications. Every WASI instance represents a unique sandbox environment.

Whether you are a beginner in development, a professional or an expert, there is always something new to absorb in this field. It is always better to go to the interview prepared and confident. The above questions are designed to help you prepare in the best way possible. If a connection is opened in the Java code and not used, it leads to a leak. When the connection is no longer available for reuse, the leak manifests. These leaks occur when the database requests are not executed and closed correctly.

So, companies benefit from hiring candidates who understand the full stack. It is more cost-effective and allows one person to manage and understand every part of the project, thus avoiding misunderstandings and alleviating knowledge sharing. A Callback Function is a parameter for another function. The callback function executes inside the function it was supplied into. You can use Callback Functions in JavaScript both synchronously and asynchronously. The Node’s application programming interfaces are all built so that callbacks are supported.

If no error occurred, err will be set to null and data will be returned in the second argument. Since, majority of developers are already using JavaScript. So, development in Node.js becomes easier for a developer who already knows JavaScript. An average full-stack engineer’s pay in the USA is $110,163 each year or $56.49 each hour.

Interview Questions for Node.js Developers:

Callback hell refers to a coding pattern where there is a lot of nesting of callback functions. The code forms a pyramid-like structure and it becomes difficult to debug. The most common type of Connection Leak experienced in Java development, is when using a Connection Pool . We can fix it by closing the connection and giving special attention to the error handling code. Ans – Inversion of controlis a broad term but for a software developer, it’s most commonly described as a pattern used for decoupling components and layers in the system. CommonJS is designed with back-end development in mind while AMD, with its support for asynchronous loading of modules, is more intended for browsers.

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