Legal Matters Rap

Yo, let’s talk ’bout the legal aid cost
How much does it cost, are you getting lost?
Need some help understanding the lease and contract hire?
Difference between them, let’s light the fire!
Want to report a bad company to the BBB?
Here’s how to do it, follow me.
Corporate law, what’s it all about?
Let’s define it, scream and shout!
Layoff rules in India, gotta know the score,
Check ’em out, don’t ignore.
Tread depth measurement with a ruler, oh what a feat!
Learn how to do it, it’s pretty neat.
Need a private car sale agreement voetstoots, can’t let it slide,
Download the template, take it in stride.
Legal and regulatory requirements, where it’s at
Get the basics down, don’t fall flat.
Coalition contract, key legal considerations, don’t miss a beat,
Expert advice, can’t be beat.
If your landlord breaks the contract, what’s the deal?
Know the consequences, keep it real.